Atenapools cares about your well-being with the NO CLHOR swimming Pools Line - Salts of Life, an innovative water treatment system based on a mixture of magnesium salts with clear benefits for your skin.
From the high of its experience, Atenapools can help you to reach the ideal solution by creating a unique pool with the most suitable shape for your taste and your home, reducing the maximum environmental impact.

Water treatment
  1. Chlorine, a system that allows, by its disinfectant action of chlorine, to eliminate micro-organisms constantly introduced by vegetation and by bathers;
  2. Hydrolysis: Automatic system, using the disinfectant action of sodium chloride (PH-SALE);
  3. SALTS of LIFE: innovative system based on the mixture of microelements beneficial for the skin and thermal properties.
Atenapools offers wellness and spas with a wide range of whirlpool baths, of exclusive quality and comfort, as well as a line of saunas and steam baths.
Atenapools has a wide range of accessories to make your pool exclusive and comfortable:
solar showers, cleaning robots, winter and thermal covers, including automated, counter-current swimming, water heating, whirlpools, trampolines, remote home automation controls, and a wide line of products for the care and maintenance of your pool.
Atenapools offers many services in addition to the sale of swimming pools. The highly professional staff can keep your pool always in perfect condition even after many years.
We only use first quality products using the correct doses.
One of our mission, is to train the client to make it self-sufficient in carrying out the small maintenance activities necessary to maintain water cleanliness during the summer season.

The standard services package includes the following activities:
  • Pool cleaning and structure checks
  • Water quality treatment and control
  • Vigilance of the pool and respect for the rules
In addition to the basic package, it is our responsibility to include an optional package that includes:
  • Opening of the pool in the summer season, with filling and initial cleaning and closing.
  • Delivery of products used for maintenance.

By a little expense and our professionalism, you can avoid having a dirty or "green" water which, besides being aesthetically unattractive, risks irritating your skin.
Moreover, you will be able to know all the secrets to have a swimming pool always "new" and over the years by small and simple interventions it will maintained its original beauty.