Pool winter cover

The polyethylene cover has a thickness of 0.4 mm and by its structure, it creates a shield that defends your pool from all atmospheric events that can damage it.
Our staff will explain how to set the cover despite it's very simple, and if required our task will be to close your pool using all the necessary products.

With AtenaPools winter covers, you will have perfect water when you open the pool in spring; you don't have to empty the pool and waste the water, because after a suitable treatment the water inside will be clear and transparent as soon as it is put!
Furthermore, a good cover protects your pool from dirt that can be deposited in the water or on the bottom of the pool.
Do not hesitate, call us or write an email! Our staff will answer you about the most suitable coverage for your pool.

Fully automatic submersible electric pump, wide support base designed to increase its stability and the ability to operate even in positions not exactly perpendicular to the ground.
Suitable to be used during the winter period over the pool coverings, to remove rainwater and avoid breaking the cover due to the excessive weight of the accumulated water. Electropump in resistant thermoplastic material. Motor, shaft and screws in stainless steel. Triple seal with interposed rings with oil pre-chamber.
Integrated float for automatic operation. Submersible, asynchronous in continuous service. Stator in stainless steel casing covered by cap and capacitor. Asynchronous submersible type motor with continuous service. Rated power: 0.22 kW / 0.3 HP. Supply voltage: 230V - 50 Hz single-phase

  • Operating range: from 0.5 to 6 m3/h with head up to 6.5 meters. Liquid temperature range: 0 ° C to + 35 ° C • Protection class: IP 68. Insulation class: F. Capacitor: 8 μF
  • Integrated float for automatic operation in an inspectable housing for seasonal cleaning: start 55 mm / stop 35 mm
  • Supplied with 10 meters of cable with Shuko plug and 10 meters of rope for positioning on tarpaulins. "Multigomma" fitting with clapet valve