AtenaPools, your pool...

If you are planning to build an inground pool in your garden, if you need to decide which technology to adopt, if you need to get a personalized quote, then Atenapools can help you. You can also choose to carry out only a part or all of the work yourself, or entrust yourself to us with the turnkey solution, without worries and with a single interlocutor to interface with.

Who we are
We take care of everything you need: permits, forms, calculations, possible geological expertise and anything else needed to fulfill the bureaucratic practices for the construction of your pool. We perform the complete swimming pool project. We are one of the few companies able to provide you with the turnkey solution, without surprises for additional expenses!

Bio pools
Bio pools. With skimmer or overflow filtration system, combining the bactericidal action of the UV with the oxidizing action of pure oxygen, it makes your pool environmentally friendly and hygienic! For innovative filtration we use granules of glass, which reduces the presence of bacteria and improves filtration saving the environment and the community; we also propose the variable speed pump to improve the performance of the pool and reduce energy consumption.